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Thank you for joining us at INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC FAIR 2014 at MAKUHARI MESSE

carbotex kotex pps applications Fluorescent X-Ray that ensures the safety of all our polycarbonate products in compliance with RoHS.

International laws and regulations regarding electric/electronic equipment have been strengthened through RoHS and WEEE to avoid potential environmental pollution from hazardous substances and to facilitate more recycling programs. These laws and regulations demand that manufacturers use safer chemicals for an ultimately pollution free environment.

To ensure higher safety for Kotec products, we have developed a highly integrated quality control system that includes fluorescent X-ray analysis to precisely analyze each production lot for hazardous substances restricted by RoHS.

[ Restricted Hazardous Substances ]
Pb (lead), Hg (mercury), Cd (cadmium), Cr+6 (hexavalent chromium), PBBs (polybrominated bisphenyls), PBDEs (polybrominated diphenylethers)

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